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Spanish slang for woman could be the 5th suggestion that Bing provides once you key in the phrase “Spanish slang for” within the search package. In English plus in Spanish making reference to “a girl” can are priced between a child baby as much as a females in her twenties. Lets begin with the basic principles; listed below are two sets of fundamental Spanish terms that are more general and widely used everywhere:

1. Nena or nina: here is the many generic for “girl” and it will be usage for an infant and teens. Example:

Maria dio a luz una nina. / Maria dio a luz una nena. Maria provided delivery to a woman.

2. Muchacha or chica: a woman that is young in my experience in her own belated teenagers and twenties. Example:

Las muchachas se reunieron en la universidad. / Las chicas se reunieron en la universidad. Girls came across during the college.

41 types of Spanish Slang for woman

A summary of 41 samples of Spanish Slang for woman by www. SpeakingLatino.com

Whenever revising listed here samples of Spanish slang for woman, you will observe that some expressed terms means significantly more than girl or teenager. In some instances will be the comparable colloquial expressions for “chick” or highlight the attractiveness of a new girl. In addition, a number of the terms are also used to refer to “a gf. ”

Therefore, with the aid of the Diccionario de Americanismos additionally the talking Latino Spanish resource pages I happened to be in a position to condense the following list:

1. Bicha: into the Dominican Republic is a term of endearment for litttle lady.

2. Botija: Uruguay. The word that is same be properly used additionally for child, young child or son.

3. Cabra: Costa Rica

4. Chama: found in Venezuela and Nicaragua for young woman. You could also hear the chamita that is diminutive.

5. Chamaca: Mexico, Guatelama, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic Peru, Honduras, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. This term can also be found in the masculine type chamaco therefore the diminutive chamaquito or chamaquita.

6. Changa: In Bolivia plus some components of Argentina it may be either a girl that is young adolescent. The masculine type is chango.

7. Chava: used in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Bolivia. In Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua does mean a girlfriend. The masculine form is chavo.

8. Chavala: Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Spain

9. Chibola: Peru and Ecuador. The masculine kind is chibolo.

10. Chiqueta: used in Spain and arises from the Catalan xiqueta.

11. Cipota: Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The masculine form is cipote. In El Salvador additionally it is a fiance.

12. Dona: In Costa Rica this term is usage for woman or girl, but in addition for a gf, wife or fan.

13. Galla: Galla may be the form that is feminine gallo in Chile. Galla means babe or chick.

14. Gata: Puerto Rico

15. Girla: Puerto Rico

16. Guacha: use within Chile and Uruguay as well as for a chick that is hot. In Argentina it’s a young woman. In Chile you may hear the diminutive guachita.

17. Guial: originates from the English “girl” and it is found try this web-site in Panama and Puerto Rico.

18. Guila: In Costa Rica this expressed term has various other uses such as for example: girlfriend, buddy or child.

19. Gurisa: Uruguay and Argentina. The masculine kind for kid is guri.

20. Hembra: In Costa Rica this expressed term could be usage for woman or girl, also for a gf.

21. Huerca: employed for a woman into the part that is northern of. For boy, make use of the masculine kind huerco.

22. Jamba: found in Spain and originates from the calo language.

23. Jeva: In Honduras, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Venezuela it really is utilized to a women that are young. A spelling that is alternate jeba. In Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador it really is specifically employed for a woman that is attractive. Far away, such as Honduras and Puerto Rico, jeva is an expressed term for gf.

24. Loca: Costa Rica

25. Lola: a teen, young individual in Chile. The form that is masculine lolo.

26. Machetona: In Mexico and Guatemala it’s a tomboy.

27. Mami: In Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico it’s a appealing woman.

28. Mina: utilized in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile

29. Morra: Morra, plus the masculine morro, is utilized in the northen element of Mexico.

30. Pava: In Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Paraguay it’s a girl that is young adolescent. Additionally utilized in the form pavo that is masculine.

31. Pebeta: In Argentina and Paraguay it’s a woman or adolescent. The masculine type is pebete.

32. Pelada: Colombia, Ecuador and Bolvia (East). The form that is masculine pelado.

33. Pendeja: In Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay it’s useful for woman, young woman or adolescent. The form that is masculine pendejo and you also must be careful using this term, as it may be insulting far away.

34. Pescada: In Chile it is a chick with a body that is hot but has a unsightly face, in English your message butterface may also be utilized (like in every thing But Her Face).

35. Piba: may be the feminine for pibe and it is widely used in Argentina, but additionally in Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain.

36. Pija: in accordance with a listing of Spanish slang terms through the class of Humanities for the University of Ca, pija plus the masculine kind pijo is “an insult directed at yuppies from Spain without any fixed age implied. Frequently a pijo or pija is his / her belated teenagers to very very early thirties. ”

38. Un vagon: an expression for the woman that is beautiful a hot babe or chick in Argentina. Another comparable expression is un camion.

39. Vieja: Costa Rica

40. Yala or yal: Puerto Rico

41. Yegua: In Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile is really a hot babe or chick.

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