Carl Icahn-Owned Trump Taj Mahal Gives Workers Final Strike Ultimatum, Must Resolve by Monday

Workers picketing the Trump Taj Mahal have actually until 5 pm ET on Monday, July 18 to accept a brand new health care offer, or it is off the table once and for all. That’s the word this from the Atlantic City casino’s owner, Icahn Enterprises week.

Striking union workers outside the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City also demonstrated outside Donald Trump’s nyc offices this week.

The strike during the Taj has been ongoing since July 1, when around 1,000 bar staff, chefs, porters, and cleaners, organized by Local 54 of the Unite-HERE union, walked off the premises in protest at the loss of healthcare and pension benefits friday.

Action proceeded on the Independence that is normally lucrative Day and shows no signs of abating. Organizers have actually said the plan offered up by the casino’s management represents ‘a shadow’ of the medical benefits of other Atlantic City casino workers, and that industrial action will continue for ‘as long since it takes.’

Rightsized Benefits

Carl Icahn rescued the Taj from chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2014. The billionaire raider that is corporate activist investor consented to defend myself against nearly all its $286 million debt as an ingredient of the purchase agreement.

He also promised to make that debt into equity and to invest within the property, but only if Atlantic City as well as the courts granted him the cessation that is temporary of retirement and medical benefits.

The courts complied, but now, with a few indications of recovery into the Atlantic City casino sector, union workers want their advantageous assets to mirror the uptick. Industry analysts have called the seaside resort’s quantity of gaming houses ‘rightsized,’ following the closures of several properties within the final years that are few. Local 54 says its workers want their advantageous assets to too be rightsized.

Demos Outside Trump’s New York Offices

This week, demonstrators headed for ny, and chants were heard outside of Donald Trump’s Manhattan offices. Icahn has declared their support for a potential president trump, whom as soon as said that Icahn would create a great Secretary of the Treasury in his theoretical case. Icahn hasn’t expressed any interest in such a position, however.

As the Trump Taj Mahal still bears the name of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, he not any longer has any financial curiosity about the property. Trump purchased in 1988, unfinished, for $230 million, but by the time it turned out finished in 1990, construction costs had escalated to $1 billion.

He declared the home bankrupt later that and then again in 2004, and the union still blames him for Atlantic City’s woes year.

‘Both Trump and Icahn took lots of money using this property, millions of bucks that may have been accustomed rebuild it and provide wages that are good benefits for workers,’ union spokesman Ben Begleiter told the Associated Press. ‘Now Trump thinks Icahn should be running America’s economy. If that occurs, then all of America’s workers are in trouble.’

Aussie Pols Call for $1 Pokie Limits and Ban on TV Gambling Ads

Senator Nick Xenophon said that Australia’s parents are concerned by kids talking about chances as opposed to the overall game, a condition he puts down to extortionate gambling marketing during sports broadcasts. (Image:

Australia’s pokie machines should be limited to $1 per spin, while gambling advertising during sports broadcasts that could be viewed by minors must be banned, say two influential politicians that are australian.

Longtime gambling opponents Senator Nick Xenophon and Tasmanian separate MP Andrew Wilkie are demanding tighter regulation of Australia’s gambling industry, in a country where there clearly was increasing cause for concern about the gambling habits of its citizens.

The proliferation of pokies, or slots, since they are understood somewhere else, is a hugely issue that is controversial Australia, sufficient reason for valid reason.

You can find five time more slot devices in the country, per capita, than there are in the US, and meanwhile, recent studies demonstrate that Australians spend more per mind on gambling than some other country in the world; twice just as much as in america and three times as much as in the UK.

In the last 12 months, the growth of gambling has outpaced the development of the Australian economy by 100 percent, while Australians plow around AU$11 billion into pokie devices annually.

Turnbull U-turn

An industry body representing 6,500 licensed social clubs across Australia, all of which rely on revenue from gambling while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government has recently moved to ban in-play online betting in the country, more comprehensive reforms have been opposed by the influential clubs Australia.

Turnbull, who had formerly supported reform, now states it is up towards the national governments for the Australia’s states and territories to decide their very own gambling rules. But Xenophon and Wilkie believe he’s fudging the matter.

‘ We are planning for a entire series of measures, both in the parliament and outside the parliament, to deal with the problem of gambling reform and, in particular, one issue that has resonated through the entire community and that is regarding the problem of sports advertising that is betting’ said Xenophon in parliament this week.

‘ So many moms and dads have actually approached each of us to say they have been appalled their young ones are speaking about … the odds of a game rather than the game itself.’

Untrustworthy Regulators

Wilkie added that the states had thus far proved themselves to be ‘untrustworthy’ regulators, which suggested that there was a case that is strong federal intervention.

‘The case is compelling, plus it is quite, really sad that until recently, parliamentarians haven’t did actually care enough about the hurt caused by problem gambling; that parliamentarians have now been thrilled to be totally out of action with the vast majority of the members of this community who want strong reform,’ stated Wilkie.

Larry Flynt Scolds Gardena City Council Over Casino Signage and Last-Minute Tax Provision

The Gardena City Council is not laughing at Larry Flynt’s logo for his planned Lady that is lucky Casino the former home regarding the Normandie card club in California. (Image: Rex Features/Associated Press)

Larry Flynt has more money than 99.9 percent of US citizens, but in his home state of Ca the purveyor of all things risqué says he feels as though a citizen that is second-class.

Showing up before the Gardena City Council on July 12, the ‘Hustler’ publisher lashed away at the neighborhood board for voting against his Lucky Lady Casino indication and deciding to amend tax breaks formerly afforded to the venue that is planned.

As reported in May, the Normandie Casino was closing after 75 years following the admission of guilt by the card club’s owners that money ended up being laundered through the casino. Flynt bought the home earlier this thirty days for an undisclosed price.

He’s planning to renovate the Normandie and rebrand it since the Lucky Lady. Together with his Hustler Casino, Flynt now owns two card clubs in the populous city located south of Los Angeles.

The council at first said it would provide tax that is substantial to Flynt. Nonetheless, City Manager Mitch Lansdell added a supply during the minute that is last now states Flynt must spend $800,000 per month before any incentives apply. The town Council authorized the modification by a vote of 3-1.

‘ In the 16 years we have been down there, i have paid the city $80.5 million in taxation income,’ Flynt sternly told the panel. ‘ We saved the city from bankruptcy. We’ve been paying the city payroll . . . and I don’t think anyone has done as much for the populous city and received so little.’

Not Lucky

Aside from Flynt’s dissatisfaction and anger over the council’s tax structure changes, he’s also at war with the town over their Lady that is lucky branding. Flynt’s group introduced a logo featuring a woman in a swimsuit that is low-cut her legs draped across the ‘Y’ in Lucky.

Council member Tasha Cerda took offense.

‘I nevertheless believe this is offensive to females,’ Cerda stated. ‘For anybody who is not going into the casino, to see this image of a woman shaking her legs, scantily dressed, I just don’t think is good.’

But Flynt countered by saying the legislation is on his part. Flynt referenced a landmark decision by former US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that warned governments to 1xbet работающее зеркало на сегодня 2018 not try to legislate ‘taste.’

Ultimatum Delivered

Flynt says their plans to invest $60 million into the Normandie over the next four years are now being placed on hold. The card club is a rival that is former of Hustler Casino due to the fact two properties are less than a mile aside.

Flynt was ready to go forward with upgrading the Normandie following the council said he would receive income tax incentives when his revenues surpass $2 million 30 days.

Now guaranteed to be on the hook for $800,000 a month, flynt is walking away.

‘A proposal that only a fool could sign, and I’m no fool,’ Flynt said. ‘I’ve never ever heard in my 50 years of business, i have never ever, ever been aware of a deal like that.’

It’s confusing if Lansdell and the Gardena City Council will need action to make renovating the Normandie more appealing to Flynt. The next meeting that is scheduled July 26.

Interpol Arrests Over 4,000 Individuals tangled up in Illegal Betting During Euro 2016 Football Tournament

Interpol is continuing its crusade against illegal activities gambling, but the agency is being criticized by some for going after the little dudes instead for the operators that are multibillion-dollar. (Image: European Pressphoto Agency)

Interpol arrested more than 4,100 individuals and seized some $13.6 million from illegal sports gambling rings during come july 1st’s 2016 UEFA championship that is europeanEuro 2016).

The international law enforcement agency revealed on July 18 so it carried out two operations during the month-long football tournament.

Dubbed ‘Operation SOGA VI’ and ‘Aces,’ the 2 stings involved over 4,000 raids by police. Illegal gambling operators were targeted in China, France, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Interpol believes those apprehended handled $649 million in wagers.

‘Illegal gambling produces massive profits for planned crime networks which are generally associated with corruption, human trafficking and money laundering,’ stated Jim Anderson, associate director of Interpol’s Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes product. ‘The successes of Operations SOGA and Aces would not have already been achieved without global information sharing and the significant efforts by regulations enforcement authorities on the bottom.’

Massively Popular, Massively Corrupt

Football, or soccer as it’s more commonly understood in the us, is the most sport that is popular the entire world. The game is estimated to possess 3.5 billion fans that watch, follow actively, or play soccer.

Its appeal that is vast makes ideal for rogue criminal syndicates. And while soccer takes a backseat to US football in the US, it does not keep corruption at bay.

The notorious Paul Phua made a lot of headlines in 2014 when he allegedly operated an illegal boiler-style gambling community out of their villas at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Though he was later acquitted as tactics used by investigators were highly questionable, the full case highlighted the enduring potential risks of illegal recreations betting.

The government that is federal over 90 % of the criminal cases it files, but it flopped on Phua.

Ongoing Problem

‘Operation SOGA VI’ was the SOGA that is sixth operation by Interpol since it began focusing on criminal gambling in 2007. Up to now, Interpol says $53 million in money has been sized and over 3,400 illegal gambling dens have actually been halted.

According to Interpol, those detained were responsible for facilitating $6.4 billion worth of bets.

While Interpol is patting itself on the straight back, not all professionals believe the agency goes about it the way that is right.

‘Interpol has been coordinating gambling that is anti-sport in Asia for years now, always with big arrest and seizure numbers of this easy-to-detect smaller street operators,’ International Centre for Sport protection Integrity Director Chris Eaton said in a declaration.

‘The big organized online gambling operators turning over billions . . . escape this attention,’ Eaton declared. ‘Small-scale and police that is token look good, but tend to boost the mega illegal operators by eliminating small ones.’

Eaton may have a point that is valid the FBI estimated Phua’s team had taken in $357 million in illegal bets in 2014.

The United states Gaming Association claims Us citizens alone will bet nearly $139 billion illegally on sports in 2016. That’s why Interpol only intercepting $6.4 billion in bets over nine years might not be something to commemorate.

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