Chinese Ping Pong Legend Suspended Over Gambling Debts with Sands Casino in Singapore

One of the maximum players in the reputation for ping pong found himself in the spotlight that is global week, not for his accomplishments in dining table tennis, but rather for his apparent failures at the tables in a casino.

Kong Linghui ended up being like the Michael Jordan of ping pong, a likeness even to the position in gambling troubles that he allegedly got himself.

Kong Linghui, coach of the women that are chinese table tennis team, ended up being summoned on Monday to return to Asia just as the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships were getting underway in Germany. He’s been suspended from the united group in the wake of a scandal over gambling debts.

Kong, a 41-year-old champion that is former one of the greatest players in the annals of this game, was named in a lawsuit filed in Hong Kong that alleged he stiffed the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in 2015 on almost $720,000 in markers.

Alleged Debts and Gambling Regrets

On Tuesday, Kong posted on Weibo, a popular Chinese social networking site, to explain that the debts weren’t his. He said he visited the casino in Lion City, Singapore, with friends and family, and used his personal credit line so they could play while he ‘sat and observed.’

‘It is until today after news reports have exposed the incident that I discovered somebody had kept some debt unsettled with all the casino,’ he said in a statement (as translated by Google) on Weibo. ‘we am being dragged into the lawsuit. I’ve immediately required the indebted to show up and clarify the facts.’

Based on the lawsuit filed by Sands against Kong, the casino stretched him S$1 million in credit during A february trip in 2015, of which he has since compensated back s$550,000. That left an unpaid balance equivalent to US $320,000.

‘I am profoundly disturbed by the impact that is negative of incident on the group,’ Kong wrote. ‘ i will work with my team to eliminate interference and make every effort in this global World ping pong Championships, and carry on to fight for the honor of the motherland!’

Table Tennis Prince

Kong, referred to as ‘ping pong prince,’ is certainly one of just a select few rivals to win the grand slam of dining table tennis games. The table Tennis World Cup, and table tennis events at the Olympics, where he won two gold medals and a silver during his heyday in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he won the World Table Tennis Championships.

The 41-year-old Kong won gold that is olympic 1996 and 2000.

Considered by his contemporaries as one of the very complete and well-rounded ping pong players of all time, Kong is credited for shaking up a longtime European male dominance regarding the sport in the 1990s.

The Chinese government sent him to Sweden to study the great players. He returned to China in 1993 with what he had discovered, and also by the final end of 1995 he was the top rated player in the world.

In 2006, Kong retired early at age 30 after crashing his Porsche in Beijing while driving drunk. The government that is chinese a mandatory 15-day detention because of his displaying success for the nation.

Macau Residents Gambling More Frequently Than in Previous Years

Macau gambling profits are finally starting to trend in the direction that is right thanks to a return into the VIP segment, and mass marketing efforts from casino resorts. But there’s another factor in the reversal of fortune, and that’s the regional resident.

In early 2016, Macau’s six integrated resort operators launched a local’s campaign that provides various non-gaming perks to city dwellers. But reduced rooms and entertainment packages additionally resulted in a small bump in the resident gambling rate. (Image: Macau Loves Locals)

In accordance with a paper published by the scholarly Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Macau, 51.5 percent of city residents participated in some type of gambling during 2016. That’s two percent higher than exactly what the same poll concluded when it absolutely was last tallied in 2013.

Funded by the Macau personal Welfare Bureau, the assessment is always to monitor gambling habits of locals, and monitor whether residents are more prone to developing gambling addictions.

Although the nearly 52 percent majority shows that Macau habitants gamble more frequently than the overall Chinese population, the rate is still greatly reduced compared to the 68 % who admitted to participating in Macau back in 2003.

Macau finished Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho’s monopoly on gambling after nearly four years in the early 2000s, and has now been monitoring the social impacts of the casino industry’s liberalization ever since.

Study Results

Like many other Asian cultures, the Chinese have actually a propensity to gamble as a result of strong belief in fortune, fate, and fortune. A vintage gambling proverb in China declares, ‘you do not know how lucky you might be. if you do not gamble,’

This is exactly why the Chinese government has banned nearly all forms of wagering throughout its long history. Macau, a former portuguese territory, only became part of the individuals Republic in 1999.

But so far, there is little evidence, at least in line with the Macau University findings, that residents into the city are experiencing disproportionate gambling addiction rates.

Of the 2,000 respondents surveyed, only 51, or 2.5 percent of the sample, answered in a manner that classified them as ‘probable disordered gamblers.’ And of those for the reason that category, just 10 (0.5 percent of the pool that is total fell in to the ‘severe’ grouping.

Assuming the information is correct, that means simply 3,250 of Macau’s predicted 650,000 residents are currently putting up with from a gambling problem that is severe. However, the report nevertheless concluded that ‘there is still room for individuals to boost their awareness and understanding’ when it comes to disorders that are gambling.

Video Gaming revenue plummeted from a high of $45 billion in 2013, to $28 billion last year, as the mainland continues to crack down on allegedly corrupt VIP junket operators in Macau.

More Than Gambling

Macau is in the procedure for wanting to advertise its reimagining to possible visitors. Long known for its plethora of casinos, resorts are marketing their amenities first, and gambling a distant second or third today.

A Macau that is recent tourism figured there are numerous facets that are actually enticing travelers to your area apart from gambling. One of the key non-gaming facets would be the quality of the resorts, food and drink establishments, duty-free shopping, and events and entertainment.

Ideally, those elements will even attract new residents to Macau and bolster the local economy.

The Macau government expects to see visitor arrivals grow five % overall in 2017. That will create more demand, and theoretically, more jobs.

Brand New City of Las Vegas Logo Met with Disdain by Some Councilmembers for Being ‘Not Serious Enough’

An official ‘City of Las Vegas’ logo that has been revealed fall that is last receiving blended reviews through the city council. While many tourists don’t understand it, the city of Las Vegas is distinct from the greater amount of glamourous Strip, and encompasses primarily the downtown Fremont Street area, 21 dukes casino login from a gambling viewpoint.

The Las Vegas logo in the left was called out for being not serious enough for the ‘we mean company’ message that Mayor Carolyn Goodman as well as other councilmembers want to potential industries about their city. (Image: City of Las Vegas/Collage:

But a burgeoning business and arts climate has left a number of the town’s council feeling that the new logo doesn’t mirror its more serious side.

The girly, pink magenta script emblem wasn’t meant to restore the city’s longtime existing seal, but instead to complement it. However, some bureaucrats believe the new logo is being used too frequently, and in places where in fact the city should present a more official-looking and image that is business-oriented.

‘When we look during the logo, that doesn’t say official company to me, and that concerns me personally,’ Councilman Ricki Barlow said at a meeting that is recent. ‘The seal [on the other side] says official business.’

The problem, based on those voicing concerns over the colorful identity, is that the logo design is not being used strictly for advertising purposes. Indeed, the pink Las Vegas font now covers city that is official, letterhead, business cards, employee uniforms, and more.

‘ All I’ve seen was simply the disappearing of the city seal,’ Barrow concluded.

How Exactly We Got Here

About a 12 months and a half ago, the city desired a marketing identity that is new. Designers submitted 20 ideas, and after councilmembers narrowed them down to four, they opened it as much as public vote for the champion.

Victoria Hart’s Las Vegas logo emerged as the pick that is top October 2016. Las Vegas paid her $10,000 for the idea, and invested another $50,000 performing the advertising plan that encompassed it.

Among the detractors to Hart’s design is City of nevada Mayor Carolyn Goodman. ‘ We are serious business here at the populous city,’ she explained of her opposition. Goodman had been instrumental in taking downtown Las Vegas’ once image that is somewhat shady turning it into a now-thriving business and arts center that features the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, shoe manufacturer Zappos together with edgy Container Park mall, where former shipping crates have been changed into storefronts.

But not all officials concur with Goodman’s assessment. Councilmen Steve Ross and Stavros Anthony said they enjoy the fresh look, while Bob Coffin asked, ‘Have we overthought it?’

No motion to repeal Hart’s logo was made throughout a recent council meeting, though the board says it’s going to continue the discussion in July. An online store selling branded materials with the pink emblem is set to launch next week in the meantime.

Too Flashy for Las Vegas?

Some might find it a little humorous that the town of Las Vegas would be concerned their brand new logo presents a too flashy image. The most gambling that is celebrated in the globe, both famed and notorious for its nightlife, may be the epicenter associated with the tourism and hospitality industries.

But the area many visitors call Las Vegas is found in the unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester in Clark County. The Stratosphere is the only Strip resort inside the city boundaries, although the northern end for the main drag is usually cited at SLS Las vegas, nevada (the previous Sahara), simply south for the observation tower.

And the most famous Las Vegas sign, the marquee landmark that reads, ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas,’ marks the southern end of the Strip, and is some 4.5 miles outside associated with the city that is actual.

The City of Las Vegas still has plenty to crow about these days despite often being referred to as the less chichi cousin of the Strip and all its glitz and glamor. Along with its business and arts districts renaissance, Downtown vegas hosts Fremont Street, that will be now outpacing the Strip in terms of casino revenue percentage gains in recent months.

The Holy Grail of Novelty Betting from Next Pope to Bond, Paddy Power

Paddy energy is at it again. The bookmaker that is irish offers a slew of eccentric novelty prop wagers, but right now, the UK sportsbook is outdoing itself.

Paddy energy is getting its pope mobile back out on the way to promote its papal betting lines. And yes, we believe this fictitious holiness is smoking a cigarette. (Image: Paddy Power)

Bettors offshore can currently place bets on every thing from who will be the pope that is next to which actor will change Daniel Craig and step into the iconic role of James Bond. Of course, there is an excess of betting opportunities Donald that is surrounding Trump presidency.

While Paddy Power’s listings are because comical as ever, they’ve taken a softer tone than in past years. The site received a great amount of debate some in 2008 for asking if newly inaugurated President Barack Obama is assassinated during his very first term.

Pope Props

At 76 years and 86 days old, Pope Francis was the ninth oldest pope to ever be elected to the papacy in 2013. Now 80, Paddy Power is counting down the days before the Roman Catholic Church will need to look for a new leader.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Philippines) is the favorite at 5-1, followed by Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana) and Cardinal Marc Oullet (Canada), both at 8-1. US Cardinals Sean O’Malley (10-1), Kevin Joseph (20-1), and Timothy Dolan (20-1) will also be into the running.

But so is U2 frontman Bono, at the least according to Paddy Power. The philanthropist and musician is a longshot, however, at 1000-1. Richard Dawkins, an atheist, comes at the devilish odds of 666-1.

Surprisingly, Trump isn’t an option.

Relationship Bets

Craig stated recently he’d ‘rather slash his wrists’ than play 007 once more, meaning Bond producers are scurrying to locate a title actor that is new.

Paddy Power believes it’s Jack Huston’s to(2-1 that is lose, followed by Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston (4-1). A couple of longshots that are humorous Kristen Stewart (90-1), Helen Mirren (175-1), David Beckham (500-1), and Diddy (500-1).

Surprisingly, Trump isn’t an option.

Trump Trending Better

The chances of Trump office that is leaving their first term expires are growing longer. Earlier this month, bettors felt there had been a decent opportunity of the commander that is 45th chief being ousted before 2020.

Nevertheless, the favorite on the question, ‘What year will Trump cease to be president?’ is ‘2020 or later’ at 11-10 today. This season does come with the shortest that is next at 13-8, followed by 2018 (10-2) and 2019 (9-1).

Paddy energy is obsessed with the new leader of this free world, and justifiably so. Trump generates interest that is much his in some instances outlandish opinions and penchant for social media.

The sportsbook was even wanting to hire a US expert that is political its newly created position, ‘Head of Trump Betting.’ Paddy energy took a beating on the November US election after it began paying out on Hillary Clinton bets prior to Americans shocking the world.

Peace Props

Finally, Paddy energy is able to see whom you imagine is going to win the Nobel Peace Prize when it’s announced this October.

Pope Francis leads the way at even money, followed closely by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (13-5). The White Helmets, Syria defense that is civil, are at 3-1, and murdered British Labour Party politician and humanitarian Helen Cox reaches 6-1.

Notables include Barack Obama (22-1) and his wife Michelle (33-1), Leonardo DiCaprio (50-1), and Russian President Vladimir Putin (90-1).

And yes, Trump is an option at 25-1.

Casino Gaming in Vietnam Set for Change as Ministry Gets Licensing Powers

Casino gaming in Vietnam operates in something of a strange destination, but a new move by the us government could be a sign things are starting to change.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance happens to be given the ability to grant business licenses to casino companies to greatly help national debt. (Image:

Prior to a 2017 decree, most Vietnamese natives weren’t permitted to gamble in the nation’s casinos but foreign visitors could. In the beginning with this year, a government decree (Decree 03/2017/ND-CP) moved to alter this by presenting a three-year pilot scheme that would allow certain residents to gamble.

Although there have been conflicting reports about how the decree will in fact work in training, the typical idea is the fact that locals with earnings of at the very least VND10 million (US$443) will have the ability to gamble in a casino.

Even though this decree was supposed to enter into impact on March 15, the national government has yet to issue a statement how areas should implement the laws.

Ministry of Finance Has Got the Energy

Despite the lack of motion, the government has now said that the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Banking and finance institutions will have some impact in the laws.

As outlined in a report by VietnamNet May 30, the Ministry of Finance has been provided the charged power to grant organizations licenses to casino and video gaming solutions.

During this period, it’s not clear what this means in practice, but there is certainly a chance it could give gaming operators and technology companies permission to operate within the nation. What exactly is understood, however, is any business wanting to offer entertainment that is casino-based spend a minimum capital of US$2 billion.

Furthermore, prospective companies must explain how it will tackle problems such as for example problem gambling. Overall, the latest news still doesn’t give us a great deal more of an insight into how Vietnam’s casino industry will evolve in real terms over the coming months.

Progress is Slow but Still a sign that is positive

Nonetheless, there is obviously a feeling among federal government officials that progress needs to be made. With GDP slowing down in Q1 of 2017 and debt that is publicas a share of GDP) increasing by more than 12 percent since 2011, ministers are now searching for a option to redress the balance.

Allowing residents to spend money in regional casinos has been seen as the most effective ways to do that. Using this being a starting point, a boost in casino-based activity because of newly certified operators could stimulate further spending.

Although a few more pieces regarding the puzzle have to be arranged ahead of the nationwide coffers can experience the benefits of Decree 03/2017/ND-CP, it certainly looks as though things are moving in the direction that is right.

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