Netflix’s Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez views twelfth grade well friend claim that they had relationship

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Netflix’s new documentary Killer Inside: your brain Of Aaron Hernandez views the NFL player’s high school best friend declare they were in a intimate relationship together.

Dennis SanSoucie comes ahead about their relationship with Hernandez, that would carry on to relax and play when it comes to brand brand New England Patriots before being convicted of killing their boyfriend that is sister-in-law’s the many years of 13-15.

Talking regarding the documentary, Dennis stated: ‘We were just kids high in life. Aaron and I also had an on-and-off relationship from the seventh grade into the junior 12 months of twelfth grade.

‘Aaron participated with numerous individuals. We had been a tiny little bit of Aaron’s sexual intercourse. ’

Dennis continued to explain that the set would spend time and acquire high together as their dad ended up being away in the office being a correctional officer.

The pair developed their bromance into something more sexual – but feared for their exposure, as Aaron’s father ‘was a man’s man who would slap the f****t right out of you’, despite them being close during these bonding sessions.

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‘At that point framework, girls didn’t actually go out aided by the men after college so me personally and Aaron experimented, ’ he told the digital digital digital camera. ‘And it absolutely was a thing that, I’ll be truthful with, we continued because we probably enjoyed it, hello. ’

Dennis included: at it now in the year that we’re in, yes, we were in a relationship back then‘If I look. But during the time you don’t view it that way. ’

The set never ever arrived ahead concerning the relationship because at that time these were at school, homosexuality had been nevertheless taboo – and they certainly were in denial about being gay/bisexual.

Dennis admitted: ‘In college there isn’t a whole lot of children which were out from the cabinet together with few that have been, we utilized to feel just like “golly, exactly what a homo”. Right right Here i will be the soccer player, I happened to be such denial. Such denial because I happened to be an athlete.

‘“You suggest to inform that the quarterback plus the tight-end is homosexual? He sleeps along with other males? ” No. It does not stay appropriate with people, ’ he finished. ‘It does not stay appropriate in your very own belly at that time. ’

Hernandez’s experimentation or sexuality had been never ever discussed, with telephone calls from jail hearing him sneer at them ‘prancing around’ and threatening that the ‘f****ts for the jail’ perhaps not have a look at him.

Outside of jail and ahead of the murder, Herenandez along with his gf had an infant daughter together, whom both can be found in the documentary too.

The revelation comes as Aaron’s back ground is explained in detail into the documentary that is three-part which talks about the initial emotional part of killer Aaron, whom shot Odin Lloyd dead a mile far from their house in 2013.

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Convicted of Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez had been discovered dead by committing suicide in the jail cellular in 2017.

Their autopsy revealed he previously been struggling with chronic encephalopathy that is traumatic mind damage which will be triggered by consistent head accidents, which could at times cause shortage of impulse control, in addition to increased violence and anger.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez is present now on Netflix.

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