The Prevalence of Teen Dating Violence And Much More

Quotes of teenager dating violence prevalence differ commonly, because studies define and measure physical physical violence differently over various intervals for various populations. With this web web page, find estimates on prevalence from:

Nationally surveys that are representative

Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a nationally representative annual study of youth in grades 9 to 12, discovered that, of these pupils whom dated somebody within the last 12 months, about one in 10 reported being truly a victim of assault from the romantic partner throughout that year. 1

The nationwide Longitudinal research of Adolescent wellness, analyzing a nationally representative test of adolescents in grades 7 to 12 who had been then followed in the long run, revealed that roughly 30 % of individuals many years 12 to 21 in heterosexual relationships reported experiencing abuse that is psychological days gone by eighteen months; 20 per cent of youth in same-sex relationships reported that great exact exact same variety of punishment. 23

About 10 % of pupils into the Youth Risk Behavior Study that has dated some body within the last year stated that that they had been kissed, moved or actually forced to have intercourse that is sexual their might by way of a dating partner throughout that year. 4

Up to now, there aren’t any data that are nationally representative perpetration of dating physical violence.

Research of center and High Schools in nyc, nj-new jersey and Pennsylvania

One study that is NIJ-funded the prevalence of dating physical physical physical violence among 5,647 teenagers (51.8 per cent feminine, 74.6 % Caucasian) from 10 middle schools and high schools (representing grades 7-12) throughout nyc, nj-new jersey and Pennsylvania. Findings suggested that inside the year that is past

  • 18.0 per cent of respondents reported cyber that is experiencing abuse (e.g., “my partner used my social network account without authorization” or “my partner delivered texts/emails to take part in intimate acts I didn’t desire”).
  • 20.7 % experienced dating that is physical ( e.g., reporting that somebody “pushed” or “kicked” the respondent).
  • 32.6 per cent experienced dating that is psychological (e.g., “my partner threatened to harm me personally” or “my partner wouldn’t normally i’d like to do things along with other individuals”).
  • 9.0 % experienced sexual coercion (e.g., “my partner pressured me personally to have sexual intercourse whenever he or she knew I didn’t desire to”).

The analysis also particularly analyzed dating physical violence prices among teenagers that has dated in the previous 12 months (66 % of total teenagers; n = 3,745). The next percentages of dating teenagers reported experiencing kinds of punishment:

  • Cyber abuse that is dating 26.3 per cent
  • Real violence that is dating 29.9 per cent
  • Psychological abuse that is dating 47.2 %
  • Intimate coercion: 13.0 %

Find out more from:

Longitudinal learn of pupils when you look at the Midwest

An NIJ-funded longitudinal research of 1,162 pupils into the Midwest examined the prevalence of a few forms of punishment that male and female center and senior high school pupils experienced and perpetrated in teenager dating relationships.

Assault. About one-third of kids (35 per cent and 36 per cent, respectively) reported experiencing assault in a teenager relationship that is dating. More girls reported perpetrating physical dating violence than males (34 per cent vs. 17 %).

Verbal abuse that is emotional. Spoken psychological abuse was the most typical kind of punishment in teen dating relationships both for kids: 73 % of girls and 66 % of men reported experiencing one or more example of spoken punishment in a dating relationship in twelfth grade. In addition, 64 per cent of girls and 45 percent of boys reported perpetrating verbal emotional punishment toward a partner that is dating.

Intimate coercion. Almost one in four girls plus one in seven men reported being victims of intimate coercion in a young adult relationship that is dating.

Learn of Dating Violence Among Latino Adolescents

NIJ-funded studies have also analyzed the prevalence of dating physical physical violence among a nationwide test of latino adolescents. Mobile interviews had been carried out with 1,525 Latino teenagers, ranging in age from 12 to 18, almost all of who (76.1 percent) had been created in america. Participants reported that great after in the year that is past

  • One or more as a type of dating physical violence: 19.5 %
  • Emotional dating violence: 14.8 per cent
  • Real dating physical violence: 6.6 %
  • Sexual dating physical violence: 5.6 %
  • Stalking: 1.0 %

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