We felt exactly the same way because the writer, also he was and is very right to the point and expressive though I am latin.

Gianna N. Piovanetti

Hi…I’m from Puerto Rico…and i will be deeply in love with a man that is cuban

To start with it felt EXTREMELY strange but it took a bit.

We now have tried apps that are several I am able to guarantee your that DitГє spent some time working for all of us. From Cuba every message is free, somewhere else you’d need to pay $4 a month, which can be means not as much as a regular SMS fee that is monthly. I need to acknowledge that the application just isn’t 100% however it spent some time working for people and contains been the most affordable. Additionally, he is able to deliver messages, audio recordings, photos but i will only deliver restricted term messages.

For seeing one another, we often make use of the Twitter Video talk.

We additionally utilize SijГє which it must work like DitГє but at the least he is able to deliver me e-mails utilising the current email address through the only mobile phone company within the area. We have additionally had difficulties with SijГє where We cannot also login following the latest updates. I’ve tried every thing but We don’t care much because he does not need to pay for making use of the app but We spend $3 30 days, but I’m afraid then i would not receive his messages if i don’t pay it.

Therefore, also spending $7 a thirty days it’s still cheaper than just what my mobile phone business advised of $15 per month with every call being $0.64 a moment, no texts with no information therefore that knows what size my mobile phone bill might have been.

About twice per month we recharge their mobile phone but just for $20, why? because we frequently wait for specials…it doesn’t matter which app exactly that they don’t cost for the deal. While giving $20 he’d get dual or triple the mins. He is not given the option in Cuba to get the specials we can get outside of Cuba if he would recharge his own cellphone. I’ve utilized Cubacel and Rebtel, and there may be others just utilize whichever you like.

I take advantage of Rebtel to call him since it provided me with the chance to take to out of the application first. It provided me with 20 free mins which We needless to say accustomed see if the call experienced if the interaction ended up being clear. If the time was up we made a decision to incorporate $25 30 days which will offer me about 38 moments and I also utilize them sparingly. In addition recommend to not ever leave your card to be immediately charged. Why? Because then you definitely would lose monitoring of your investing.

Hope this helps…

Los angeles yuma

You may be utilizing reptel hoping to get him cheating on yoy..hope it will help.


sorry to inform you this but no I’m not utilising the software to cheating… catch himI prefer the mins sparingly

Then he’ll know who my “Santa Patrona” is…which is Lorena Bobbit…and he knows it…jajaja if he is cheating

Super post that is cute. Love your character рџ™‚


Mario Hidalgo

I’m A cuban guy in Orlando Florida reading your article, you may be savagely truthful sufficient reason for an excellent love of life, I adored you article and I also wish things exercise for you personally.


I favor it whenever a female will not wear a bra. It is AF that are sexy.

We review the post from another perspective, through the viewpoint of who’s or had been a Cuban Papi, and I also have experienced myself mirrored in the post, inventing every thing to keep up effective interaction, spending my income on the net (Wifi cards, and Nauta), visiting the wifi park whenever you want, morning hours also to want a delighted birthday celebration or perhaps a delighted brand new 12 months, looking forward to her arrival during the airport having a bouquet of plants, therefore cheesy today in Cuba, filling the sleep with rose petals with an indication saying just how much I love her, simply speaking, a Cuban Papi in love with truth, without any intentions apart from love, considering that the world is diverse, and undoubtedly there was every thing in the Lord’s vineyard, we Cubans are good, but simply equivalent, you can find bad people, like any nationality. We took her home many times, we changed visas (she departs the day that is same 40 CUC). Used to do any number of crazy things on her behalf and she didn’t understand how to appreciate it, We offered the furniture of the house, then when We arrived to talk about costs, because We don’t love to feel supported, We offered my music gear best hookup sites, to blow it along with her, We never ever stated any such thing to her, but neither did she worry once you understand the financial status of this Cubans, and things to say concerning the months without a cent after her arriving at Cuba, in fact it’s difficult…. In a nutshell, to all or any people who get involved with a Cuban who continues to go on the area, our company is not all the therefore miserable (humanly speaking), we have been only a few behind the funds or making the nation, there are those of us whom value LOVE! I start myself to your concern! We continue to go on the Island, sufficient reason for a heart that is broken!

Los angeles yuma

Held it’s place in Cuba several times and years. Seen everything. Lying, cheatings and kids with different mama. Gracias perro big papacito that is nooo gracias.

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